Huawei's new and improved TalkBand 3 activity tracker wants to answer your calls 90s throwback style...

Huawei has lifted the lid on the third iteration of its TalkBand fitness tracker, and there’s a surprisingly nostalgic nod to old-school tech in store. Along with its activity-tracking duties, the TalkBand 3 module will snap out of its band to transform into a clip-on Bluetooth headset complete with speaker and mic, 90s businessman-style.

Once you’ve suppressed the urge to bark insane orders at your incompetent imaginary assistant while wearing your versatile little earpiece, there are actually some cool – and far more socially acceptable – features to enjoy with the TalkBand 3. The band’s new auto-recognition mode, for instance, uses motion sensors to detect when you start to walk, run, run or climb. It will instantly beam your calories burned, duration and distance travelled to the app on your phone, where you can log and track your activity progress.

TalkBand 3 also throws in automatic sleep tracking to collect your snooze stats the instant you nod off, and will also catch notifications from your phone like texts, calls and event alerts so you can interact from your wrist rather than pull out your phone. If you do answer a call from your wrist of opt go down the earpiece route, you’ll find that Huawei has improved the device’s noise-cancellation function by 80% since the TalkBand B2. You can also enjoy 3-4 days of playtime or six hours of talk-time with the band’s extended battery life.

Huawei is also launching the band in three different models, which include Classic, Elite and Active. Classic will give you beige and brown leather strap options, Elite comes in a choice of aluminium grey or black metal, and the Active offers a durable, sporty strap for a more energetic wearer. All of the models are IP57 water and dust-resistant with 3D curved Corning Gorilla Glass for extra protection. The TalkBand 3 has also kept the 0.7-inch touch OLED display of its predecessor, with 120 x 80 screen resolution.

There’s no word from Huawei yet about a launch date, but we can tell you that the Active will cost €169 (£136), the Classic will be €199 (£160), and the Elite will be €249 (£201). Find out more about the Huawei TalkBand 3 here.