It also might just be the difference between getting your five-a-day, and not getting it (bear with us on that one).

Update: I LOCK IT moved from Kickstarter to Indiegogo and hit its funding goal on 10th June. You can pre-order it now.

Bike locks are fickle things. On one hand, they keep your precious wheels safe from thieving criminals, but on the other, they’re a faff and a half to fiddle around with when you want to get somewhere. Especially if you’re this poor inexperienced chap who clearly did not think through how best to transport his apples and melons:I Lock it melons

Seriously. Where was he planning on putting those once he got on his bike?

While melon man probably isn’t the best illustration of the hardships of owning a bike lock, there’s some truth in the message behind the I LOCK IT promo vid from whence he came. Digital locks go some way to solving the problem, but lots of them still involve tapping in a code, which is fiddly and annoying. I LOCK IT’s secret? It’s not only a keyless lock – it’s automatic too.

I LOCK IT works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. When you’re nearby and within Bluetooth range, it automatically unlocks. When you walk away? It automatically locks. There are nifty extras too, like a Bluetooth key fob in case your phone conks out or runs out of juice and a manual key code if both of those options fail you.

Of course, where there’s connectivity there’s usually an app, and I LOCK IT comes with a few smartphone-based customisation tricks. You can adjust the proximity at which the lock activates when you’re near, and even grant friends and family temporary access to the bike lock.

For that added bit of anti-theft protection when you’re separated from your bike, I LOCK IT has integrated sensors that set off an alarm if someone tries to do away with it. You’ll get an alert to your phone the moment I LOCK it detects tampering, which might give you valuable seconds to dash back and ward off a potential thief. Although for the love of God, please put down your fruit first.

If you’re sold on I LOCK IT, you can head over to Kickstarter and jump in line for an early bird deal right now. The lowest pre-order price is currently €89 (£70), and a release date is fixed for January 2017 if the campaign brings in enough funding.

And in case you’re wondering, there was a happy ending for the hapless fruit guy after all…

I LOCK IT apple

Some might say he lived h-APPLE-y ever after (ba-dum-tsshhh)