Hey, you over there, all smug with your electric toothbrush and dazzling oral hygiene routine. We've got news for you: the iBrush 365 thinks it can do better.

Ahh, the wonderful world of smart tech – opening our eyes to new and exciting gadgets we didn’t know we needed, giving us previously unknown insights into the daily workings of our homes, expanding the horizons of our existing gadgets, and generally teaching us important life lessons. Like the fact we are brushing our teeth all wrong.

You can thank the iBrush 365 for this crushing revelation. The sleek little toothbrush currently vying for funding over on Kickstarter says its one and only mission is “to brush from the gums towards teeth just like dentists recommend”. We’ll admit, it’s not exactly new news. We’ve all got a vague recollection of being told so by our dentist, it’s just that our bog-standard toothbrushes don’t exactly make it easy for us to carry out the method. That’s where iBrush 365 comes in.

Sporting a spinning disc packing approximately 13,200 soft micro bristles, iBrush 365 cleans one way and one way only – down. By gently gliding the brush over your teeth in horizontal motions, you can easily polish your teeth, reach tight spaces, dislodge food particles away from your gums and generally give your pearlies a thorough and, most importantly, correct clean.

According to iBrush 365’s makers, this simple change in technique can make a huge difference to your oral hygiene, decreasing your chance of gum disease, preventing bleeding and receding gums, and stopping the build-up of plaque. The brush is also soft enough that you can glide it over your tongue to freshen up your entire mouth.

If you need to swap hands, you can change the spinning direction of the disc with a simple tap of its onboard control panel. There are two buttons to toggle the speed between high and low, and the device switches on and off in a single tap, which is nice and simple. No smartphone control here, folks.

The brush has a 6-week battery life if you brush twice daily for a minute, and can be charged with a USB cord. It does require a little TLC to keep it clean and germ-free, which can be achieved with a quick rinse and a gentle massage of its bristles with your finger when you’re done brushing.

If you’re running your tongue over your teeth and cursing your useless old toothbrush as we speak, you should probably head over to Kickstarter and pre-order yourself the iBrush 365. It’s up for grabs from just $50 (£35) with shipping set for June this year if it hits its funding goal.