This retrofit gadget makes it easy to put an IoT brain into your existing home light fittings.

Want to get remote control smart lights but don’t fancy throwing away your existing – and perfectly usable – old lightbulbs? This iDevices Socket gadget might just be the solution.

Socket is a retrofit device that can house practically any type of standard size bulb to turn it into part of your smart home. Simple screw it onto any lightbulb in your house, pop the bulb back in its shade, and connect Socket with the iDevices app on your phone. After that, it’s a simple case of customising your newly smart bulb to suit your lifestyle.

The kind of tricks you can pull once Socket is in place are no different to the likes of big-name smart lights light Philips Hue. With the app in hand, you can control your lamp’s brightness, schedule it to switch on and off in line with your daily comings and goings, and even choose its brightness and power with the easy-swipe colour light ring.

There’s even some zoning and grouping fun to be had, letting you customise lighting scenes around the house to suit different settings, like ‘Movie Night’ or ‘Kids’ Bedrooms’. What’s more, Socket teams up with your other device on Apple HomeKit, so you can even call upon Siri to dim and control your Socket-equipped lightbulbs.

Socket is up for grabs online for $79 (£55). It’s pre-orders only at the moment, and will be hitting selected retailers later this summer.

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