If you want to take the party outside without worrying about damage, iHome's weather tough blue tooth speakers might be what you're looking for.

It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s time to be outside. And if you want to take some music with you, you’ll need a speaker – unless you’re happy with the faint, tinny music of your average phone’s inbuilt speaker. iHome’s new range of weather tough speakers might be the ones you’re after.

iHome have been making solid speakers for years, starting with ye olde docking stations – remember those? They’ve moved away from docking stations recently – as most of us like to keep our phones in or near our hands whether or not they’re playing music. And now they’ve got Bluetooth happening, they’re going full portable, with their weather tough series.

With four sizes to choose from, the speakers are cased in thick, shock absorbent rubber. In addition, it’sIP67 waterproof rated, so when the inevitable rain comes, you can leave it happily sitting in a puddle for up to 30 minutes.

Standard volume will get you eight hours of playback per charge – and there’s a battery saving mode that will keep it going for up to 14. It’s simple to use, keeps the music pumping all day, and you can knock of a bench without skipping a beat.

While it’s not the cutest speaker on the market, it’s definitely practical – you can haul it around whever you go, and never mind about the scratches.