This smart tag lets you keep track of every thing that matters to you - from your keys to your pets.

If you’re the sort of person always looking for your keys, or your phone, or your wallet, or your cat, iKON might be the device you need. A small, versatile tag, it attaches to anything you want to keep track of, and connects with the app on your phone to help you find it.

As well as the normal location tracking features, it allows you to set a maximum distance from particular items – if you get too far away from them, your phone will alert you, so you don’t leave them behind. Stick one in your wallet, one on your key ring, anything you might lose, and your phone will find them fore you.


Slip one onto the collars of your dogs or cats, and if they wander off, you can easily track them down. Each device has a range of 70 metres from your phone – but if one of them exceeds that, you can outsource the hunt. Register it as missing on the iKON app and it will alert other users who are in range.

And if your phone is the item you’ve lost, hit the button on one of your iKON devices and head for the beeps.


If the tracking features don’t quite seem sufficient, iKON has an extra treat – it operates as a remote camera shutter for your phone, letting you up your selfie game.Which may make this the most multi-purpose tracking device so far.

You can find your own on Indiegogo here!