Cut ties with your phone and see all of your important notifications, schedule alerts and weather updates on this luxury smart clock.


If you’re sick of coordinating everything in your life via the tiny screen on your phone, you might be pleased to hear about Ingrein – a luxury smart clock for wall-based notifications and phone-free alerts.

Made from precious reclaimed woods like mahogany and cedar, Ingrein is a sleek, elegant clock that can interact with your smart home devices and display notifications from all of your favourite apps. Done with calendar alerts in your pocket, traffic updates from one app and weather forecasts from another? Ingrein throws all that into one beautiful clock face that you only have to glance at.

Ingrein Clock demo

The lovely thing about Ingrein is that it’s simple to set up. Just give it pride of place on your wall, open the Ingrein app, and configure your preferences and settings with a few clicks. After that, you can break away from your phone and see all of the alerts and notifications you need in Ingrein’s neat, discreet little LED screen under the clock hands.

Ingrein Lifestyle

Forget vibrations in your pocket – Ingren glows different colours for all kinds of notifications to help you quickly see what you need to know, where you need to be and if you need a brolly without needing to pull out your phone. Ingrein works with over 100 apps powered by IFTTT, so you can even bring the clock into your smart home recipes and schedules.

For a bonus security measure, Ingrein also has a motion detection sensor that can sent you a text or trigger your smart home gadgets if it detects an intruder. Perhaps you could have your home alarm trigger when Ingrein smells trouble, or even make it so your lights turn on and your security camera snaps a mug shot.

Ingrein is yet to announce a date for release, but you can sign up here to be among the first to know when it’s ready for action.