Feel the shame of how much time you really spend on social media.

If we were honest, we’d all admit that we spend way too much time stalking old classmates on Facebook, searching for cats riding goats on Youtube and directing bizarre mini-biopics on Snapchat. But just exactly how much time probably doesn’t bear thinking about.

Thankfully, intervention is here in the form of Instant, a self-quantifying app that keeps track of how long you spend on your phone per day, how many times you unlock it and precisely how many minutes you spend using your apps.

As well as giving you a shameful run-down of your screen time split between the likes of WhatsApp, Youtube, Google Chrome and your email inbox, Instant also accesses your phone’s GPS to track your app usage according to your whereabouts.

Granted, it’s fairly obvious to you that you spend your morning and evening commute browsing Instagram. But it’s the guilt you feel when your weekly report shows you clocked up 8 hours on Insta when you could have been brushing up on your Italian that Instant is really gunning for.

Instant isn’t here just to judge you horribly, though. When you’ve been sufficiently guilt-tripped into actually using your stats to try and to limit your phone usage, you can set daily limits to gently reduce your screen time.

Instant app iOS

If you’re into tracking your fitness, Instant will also sync with Google Fit to pull data like your step count and walking time from various fitness tracking apps. This doesn’t really add anything to your usage stats, but it’s at least a welcome reminder that you’re not a completely pathetic slave to your screen.

Instant is free for both Android and iOS. If you want advanced app-time logging, you’ll have to fork out a couple of quid to upgrade.