That thing that's been wrong with your golf game all this time? Your shoes.

Smart clothes and devices are fast on their way to helping with literally every aspect of modern life. Now IOFIT wants to get you a better game of golf. The embedded technology in their smart shoes analysis your game, and tells you how to improve it.


The attached app analyses your entire swing – from balance, to weight shift, to tempo, to help you improve your game as fast as possible.

It even allows you to compare your style to a professional golfer, overlaying your swing so you can see the key differences. And to make things a little competitive, you can compare your performance to your friends, which is always the best and most contentious way to improve your skills.


IOFIT can be tailored to your level of skill – if you’re a beginner, it’ll keep things simple, and if you’re at a professional lever, it’ll provide detailed analysis. The app guides you in real time, as you practice or play – you could be a whole new golfer by the 18th green.

IOFIT’s Kickstarter campaign met its goal in a mere ten hours, but you can still pre-order by pledging to the project, and if you’re quick off the mark, you might still snag some of the early bird pledges.