Need a GPS tracker that won't run out of juice? Iota might be what you need

Being profoundly paranoid and untrusting used to be considered socially disadvantageous, but these digital days, whole industries are being founded to turn suspicious frowns upside down.

GPS tracking is one such example, with no end of devices that can be worn on wrists, attached to belts, clipped onto collars or slipped quietly into schoolbags.

Of course, not every GPS device is aimed at the terminally mistrustful – who, after all, hasn’t lost a key or misplaced the kids at some point – and one problem has been the issue of battery life. Iota’s GPS tracker aims to provide an answer to that, promising a week’s worth of power between charges.

The Iota comprises a home base unit, a smart phone app and the tracking device itself that can be attached to a wide range of objects. Once up and running it provides the current location of the tracker on the smartphone overplayed on a map, and enables geofencing and alerts should the tracker leave a designated region or detect an increase in temperature. The Iota is also submersible up to three feet, presumably should the dog decide to jump into a lake.

The Iota is $200 and only available in the US and Canada at the moment – find out more at its website.