Apple have relaunched the Apple TV Remote app - Siri, hit play on Mr. Robot, please.

If you know your Apple TV Remote is lying around here somewhere, if you know you’ll find it one of these days, today is your day. You can let that bad boy lie between the sofa cushions where it fell. Apple have relaunched the remote app – properly this time.

The new app finally matches the full capabilities of your Apple TV media hub. You can control your TV completely with touch gestures – that’s right, no more arduous scrolling through the entire alphabet every time you need to log in to something.

Even better – if you have a later generation Apple TV, you can use Siri. It’ll be just like telling your butler to change the channel for you because the remote is out of reach.

Sadly, you can’t yet sync up your Apple TV content with your phone, but you can’t get everything. Of course, the game of who gets to control the remote just got a lot more complicated.