Get the most out your iPhone's amazing camera and control it just like a DSLR with this clever no-slip camera grip.

Update: After a successful stint on Kickstarter, Pictar then moved over to Indiegogo  where it has been 319% funded! We’re now waiting for the update of where we can pick this up ourselves!

While we love that the iPhone’s camera just gets better and better with every new model, it often goes hand in hand with a thinner design. Which is great when you slip your phone into your pocket, but not so great when your iPhone decides to slip out of your hand during a routine selfie.

Luckily in the growing world of smart tech, there’s not usually a niggle that can’t be fixed with some newfangled hocus-pocus. And for this particular niggle, Pictar is our gadget in shining armour. A curious half-camera device with an ergonomic grip, Pictar snaps onto your skinny iPhone to give it some much-needed curves to hold.

Pictar iPhone Case Camera

As well as making it much easier to grab onto your iPhone for a photoshoot, Pictar also puts the controls of a traditional camera at your fingertips. With a shutter button, zoom ring, a smart wheel for switching between 7 pre-set modes, an exposure wheel, and even a selfie button, Pictar lets you control your iPhone just like you would a DSLR. There are even some extras you don’t get with your iPhone’s camera, like a ‘half press’ mode to lock focus and exposure when you’re tracking a moving object.

For experienced photographers, there are some great advanced features to play around with, like a shutter and ISO priority function, as well as complete freedom to manually adjust individual settings for getting the perfect composition.

Although Pictar essentially transforms your iPhone into a makeshift DSLR, you can still control photo features on your iPhone’s screen if you like. Pictar adds a virtual wheel for your camera screen which lets you switch between variables like flash, shutter speed, ISO and more. Both the front and back cameras on your iPhone can be controlled by all of Pictar’s buttons and wheels too.

Pictar iPhone Case Camera 2

Pictar is racking up funding to go into production over on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order it for the early bird price of $90 (£63). It will ship anywhere in the world in November this year if the campaign is successful, which is looking likely; the project has received over $85,000 dollars of its $100,000 target with still a month left to go.