One more thing you don't have to remember.

We now live in a world where you might have to charge your phone at any moment. We are all carrying around power banks and USB cables everywhere we go, and sometimes it’s a lot to handle. inCharge aims to make at least part of it easier, with a tiny, magnetised cable that clips right onto your keyring.

Available in a range of colours for both iPhones and Android phones, inCharge is designed to remove the hassle of long cables fro your life.You can select from a lightning connection for iPhone, or micro USB for most other phones and devices.

Too short to tangle, the charger is equipped with strong magnets, holding the two ends together and letting you latch it around your keyring, so you never have to remember it.


Or to solve two problems for the price of one, latch the inCharge around your headphones, to prevent them tangling in your bag.

Originally funded via a successful Indiegogo campaign, inCharge can be ordered on Indiegogo, or the official website.