It's all about pushing the sound away.

Whether you want to block out sound to get some sleep, or to protect your ears in noisy environments, it can be hard to find earplugs that really do the job. Isolate claim to be the foolproof solution.

Most earplugs on the market work by trying to absorb the sound before it gets to your ears. They rely on foams and plastics to do the job, which definitely muffles things, but doesn’t completely block them out – particularly at low frequencies.

Isolate are made from titanium, which blocks sounds, rather than absorbing it. While metals conduct sound, if there’s a direct connection, if they’re not touching the source of the sound, they block it completely.


Using Isolate earplugs at a concert prevents damage to your ears, while still letting you hear the music, via bone conduction. In fact, you hear more musical details. Using them for sleep, blocks the ambient sound around you, including snores or street noise.

The titanium core is embedded in a memory foam bud – which is available in 3 different sizes. Replacement foam buds are available, while the main, metal core of the Isolate earplug can last a lifetime.

The Kickstarter campaign for Isolate has reached ten times its goal, but there are still a few days left to pre-order with a quick pledge.