Your summer beach trip is crying out for the world's coolest cooler.

When we think of coolers, it’s those unwieldy plastic boxes we haul on family picnics that immediately spring to mind. You know, the ones are only big enough for two cucumber sandwiches and a chicken wing after you’ve stuffed them full of enough freezer blocks to actually keep everything cold.

Thanks to Johnny Cool, though, the world of on-the-go food chilling is about to get seriously exciting. Which is a sentence we never thought we’d say, but yet here we are, about to get seriously excited about the world’s coolest cooler.

Stacking solar panels to power it wirelessly while you’re picnicking, Johnny Cool is a phone-charging, cup-holding, food-chilling, music-playing wheelie box with enough gizmos and hidden surprises to make your old cool box look like some sort of depressing food coffin.

For starters, there are Johnny Cool’s built-in LED lights. When you open the lid, the lights will automatically spring to life to make digging for food a doddle, and there’s even a snap-out USB LED flashlight for emergency situations like chasing a rogue Scotch Egg downhill in the dark.

Elsewhere, you’ll find a waterproof USB charger for juicing up your devices at the beach, a chopping board, a rust-proof fruit knife, four cups, a built-in bottle opener, and even a pop-up, clip-on sun shield to keep your picnic fresh.

But wait…there’s more. Stuck without a picnic table? Pull out the integrated mini detachable picnic table to enjoy your makeshift feast wherever you please. Stuck without your precious music? Pull out and switch on Johnny Cool’s Bluetooth speaker with 10 hours of battery life. Stuck without a blender? We kid you not. This thing has a 2-speed blender.

Add to that the locker for your valuables and the elastic luggage ties for strapping on your blanker or beach gear, and you’ve got yourself the cooler of your wildest dreams. Except it’s real. Nearly. Johnny Cool is currently racking up funding over on Indiegogo, and is taking pre-orders starting at $130 (around £89).

The campaign is nearly half funded with still a month left to go, which is pretty good going in the world of crowdfunding. If it can keep it up, Johnny Cool’s estimated release date is September this year.