Blend the best possible smoothies with Juicy Retreats Titanium IQ smart blender.

Blending is not the most complicated of processes. You put fruit in, you switch it on, you get a smoothie. But while it can’t get simpler Juicy Retreats are trying to make it smarter, with the Titanium IQ.

The Bluetooth enabled blender connects to an app on your phone, allowing you to programme exactly how it works on each recipe. The app includes a library of recipes – pick what you want to make and the blender will work at precisely the speeds to best suit that food. More recipes are added all the time, so you can always be sure of new things to try.

Titanium IQ

The database includes recipes for cakes, soups, bread, smoothies, cocktails and more – and each will be blended to perfection, thanks to each recipe’s custom blend settings.

The titanium coated blades are stronger than traditional, stainless steel blades, so the blender will last much longer than your common or garden blender. Titanium IQ is available now from Juicy Retreat, so you can smarten up your blending right now.

Titanium IQ