Chart your way to your fitness goals

Weighing yourself has never been an easy feat. Getting on the scale is one thing, but then jotting down that dreaded number – quelle horreur! But what if we told you there’s now a smart scale and app that can keep your measurements for you?

With the Koogeek Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Scale and accompanying Koogeek app, you can now accurately measure your weight, BMI, total body water, lean mass and other health related measurements. Once you do, the information syncs to your phone, giving you a digital record of your fitness.

But that’s not all… This is a smart scale, after all.

Koogeek smart scale

Once you have all your data, the Koogeek app lets you set achievable goals and monitors your health trends in charts and graphs, giving you the lowdown on your progress in an easy-to-read format.

What’s more, the scale isn’t just personalised to you. 16 people can use the scale and app to record their information, and if you wanted to – because this is a thing you can actually do – you could even weigh your baby. All you have to do is weigh yourself, and step on the scale holding your child.

Oh, the wonders of technology.

If you’re looking for some motivation to achieve your #BodyGoals this summer, you can get Koogeek now on Amazon for only £59.99.