Get a remote-controlled smart door without having to change the locks.

American lock maker Kwikset is about to make it easy for absolutely anyone to get a smart door lock. Its upcoming Kevo Convert smart lock conversion kit can give your existing deadbolt the smart treatment.

If you’ve already been scanning the market for a smart door lock, you might have been put off by the fact that you have to actually replace your entire front door lock. With the Kevo Convert kit, however, this isn’t the case. You just quickly install it in place of the interior side of your existing deadbolt, and you’re all set to go.

When it’s installed, Kevo Convert pairs with an app on your phone or wearable via Bluetooth to remotely lock and unlock depending on whether or not you’re in range of it. That means you can literally unlock your front door just by walking up to it.

Kevo app

You can also manually control the lock over WiFi using the same app, if you’d rather be more hands-on. Be aware that remote unlocking is a feature that’s only available to subscribers of Kwikset’s Kevo Plus service, which costs a one-off fee of $99 (around £80).

The app provides information like the status of your lock, which you can access at any time to get peace of mind that your home’s locked up and safe. You can also use the app to grant temporary or permanent access to your lock, which is handy for letting dog-walkers, workmen, cleaners and other visitors into the house when you’re not there yourself.

There’s no word on a retail price or a fixed release date for Kevo Convert just yet, but you can sign up here to get notified when there’s news.