No more hunting for the WiFi sticker every time your friends and family want to get connected.

WiFi passwords are designed to be difficult to crack and hard to remember, but that doesn’t help when your mates come round and want to get their phones tethered to your WiFi. If you’re sick of digging out that code every time a new guest pops over, just grab Kisslink.

Kisslink is a small device that connects to your existing router that eliminates the need for a password to connect to your home WiFi. Just connect it to a power outlet and an internet source in your home, and all you have to do next time you want to get a device online is hover it over Kisslink.

KisslinkKisslink’s magic is down to the device’s unique Kiss proximity technology, which means that any WiFi-enabled device that comes close to it can instantly get online without needing the usual authentication.

This isn’t just handy for you and your guests, though – that trick makes it hard for outsiders to piggyback on your WiFi from another house on the street.

Kisslink doesn’t stop at password-crunching though. It also comes with an app where you can lock and unlock it, approve guests, and even set a time limit on how long certain devices can spend connected to the WiFi. This is a great way for parents to limit internet time for kids, or simply to share the wealth in a house full of bandwidth-hungry Netflix fiends.

Kisslink mac

There’s also a treat for anyone with flaky WiFi, because Kisslink is also designed to give your signal a nice little boost for less buffering and more browsing. You might need to buy more than one Kisslink if you’re after a signal boost – there’s a guide here for how many devices are required for different size houses.

Like a router, Kisslink also comes with a reset button for refreshing the device in the event of any issues, except it’s called the Zen button, and it does way more than simply switch Kisslink off and on. It will automatically self-diagnose and problems and attempt to resolve connectivity issues as soon as you press it.

A single Kisslink device is usually $59.99 (around £46) from Amazon, but if you’re reading this on Amazon prime Day (12th July 2016), you can nab it for just $29.99 (around £23).