Here's one way to guarantee you'll never lose your remote

Updated: Who wouldn’t like to ditch the TV remote and change channels by knuckle-rapping the nearest flat surface instead? Knocki, a new gadget that’s current accepting pre-orders, is touting itself as the gadget for this and more.

But is using a flat surface a real benefit? Knocki, from Swan Solutions, suggests it could be. For example you could receive a text when someone knocks on your front door. Or switch on your coffee machine from your bedside table in the morning. Or enable your kids to switch on lights that otherwise might be too high up the wall.

Knocki does this by being attached to a surface and sensing motion and vibrations, and claims that a single unit is able to control multiple devices. It comes with an iOs or Android app for setting up and monitoring each Knocki, and claims a 12 month battery life.

There’s no indication of whether Knocki will work outside of the UK, but if you are feeling lucky, it is available for pre-orders via its site, for $79, with an expected release date in December.