Know exactly who's getting near your home with Kuna' smart and stylish security lights.

It’s a big step up from looking through a tiny circle of glass to see who’s at your door to holding their face in your hand. By which we mean holding your phone in your hand while their face is on it. Kuna will help you take that step.

Kuna is a smart outdoor lighting system and video intercom. It connects to your phone and automatically senses when someone is at your door. Whoever is outside your door, you’ll be able to see and communicate with them, whether your at home or not.

While the obvious use for this is being alerted to anyone suspicious lurking around your home – and triggering the alarm or calling the police – there’s a lot more the system can offer.

If a delivery arrives for you while you’re out, you can advise the delivery person then and there what whether you’d like them to leave the parcel for you, or redeliver at a later time. If you have pets you leave in the backyard while you’re at work, you can monitor them throughout the day

You’ll be notified when other members of your family have safely arrived home, and if you go on holiday and have someone house sit, you’ll be able to make sure everything’s ok back home.

The system lets you review the last two hours of activity on the free plan, and with an upgrade you can keep up to thirty days worth.

The system is available in four stylish designs – whether your aesthetic is clean and modern, or classic and elegant, you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs. And then there’s nothing left to do, but sit back, and decide which of your visitors you’re going to let in.