Who knew pretty jewellery was the key to wellness?

Bellabeat is about to follow up its inspired Leaf wearable with a brand new tracking trinket, and it’s got a lot more than your fitness in mind. Leaf Urban wants to throw your wellness into the mix.

Like its predecessor, Leaf Urban is an elegant wood composite and stainless steel little charm, which can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or brooch. Hiding inside that sleek yet waterproof, stylish but sturdy exterior is an array of highly sensitive sensors that can vibrate and detect movement as you go about your day.

Whether you’re running, dancing, meditating or snoozing, Leaf Urban tracks every single move you make, collecting stats on your activity levels, sleep quality and even your reproductive health to provide a detailed insight into the health of your mind and body via a phone app.

Leaf Urban 2Leaf Urban’s brand new trick is predicting when you’re about to get stressed, which relies on you keeping a log of your period in the app. If you didn’t know already, your period, sleep quality and activity levels can be indicators of how stressed you feel, so the tracker will keep a close eye on how regular you are and give you a heads up if it thinks you’re on the cusp of a wobble.

The activity tracking feature is much the same as before, providing a real-time overview of your daily activities, steps taken and calories burned in the app. You can individually track certain activities, set targets and get personalised advice tailored to your lifestyle too.

And because it’s all about sleep cycles and smart alarms these days, Leaf Urban will wake you with a gentle vibration to ease you into the day kindly.

There’s no word on a price tag yet, but you can sign up here for news on its release.