Music is more than just a melody, and a new speaker is embracing the lyrics.

A new item for the wish list – a Japanese company has created a speaker that displays the lyrics of your music, as you listen. The aptly named Lyric Speaker pulls the appropriate lyrics from a database online, so you can finally find out which words you’ve been getting wrong all these years.

Created out of a concern that lyrics no longer get the attention they deserve, the Lyric Speaker streams music via a WiFi connection (no Bluetooth over here) and pulls the lyrics in real time, as it plays. Using AirPlay or Google Cast, you can select your music, and see the lyrics displayed like an infographic of an inspirational Stanford commencement speech that’s gone viral.

Lyric Speaker

The speaker has a translucent screen for the display, and the manner in which the words appear is dictated by the tempo of the song itself. The database currently has 120 million songs synced up and ready to go, and they’re added more all the time – and if your song can’t be found, you’ll see beat graphics instead.

Unfortunately, the Lyric Speaker is so far only available in Japan, and there’s no work on when or if it might make it’s way to us. If we do see it in UK stores, it’s likely to cost a pretty penny – this is a solid speaker in its own right. But whether you want an organic-feeling yet lyrically perfect sing-a-long, or you just enjoy appreciating the poetry of music, it’d be a nice addition.