Don't invest in a pricey smart smoke alarm to get a connected fire safety system - just add Leeo Smart Alert...

Improving our existing fire safety systems at home is one of the top priorities of smart tech – what with genius inventions like batteries for your smoke alarm giving your existing sensors an IoT makeover. The latest accessory to join the gang is Leeo Smart Alert, but in a clever and interesting twist, it can make your smoke alarm smart without going anywhere near it.

So what does it do? Well, exactly what you can’t do when you’re away from home…Listen. Essentially, Leeo acts as a sensitive pair of ears for your smart home. If it hears an alarm, it will instantly call you to let you know there’s danger, even sending you a recorded clip of the alarm to reassure you it’s not just Polly the parrot doing impressions of alarms again. That feathery trickster.

Obviously, getting a call from your smoke alarm is going to be fairly panic-inducing, but Leeo is packing some very advanced tech to make sure scary false alarms don’t get you flustered. It’s designed to only pick up on alarm sounds (carbon monoxide alarms included), and won’t, for instance, trigger an alert if it hears you singing in the shower or if the radio gets left on. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee it won’t mistake a parrot for a smoke alarm.

The best bit is that Leeo is incredibly simple to set up. Simply plug the device into a wall socket absolutely anywhere in your house, download the Leeo app on your phone, and enjoy peace of mind that your house is being looked after. There’s even the option to set up emergency contacts in the app in the event that Leeo can’t reach you when there’s an emergency.

As an added bonus, Leeo will glow in one of 16-million colour shades to double as an ambient night-light. It can also monitor variables like temperature and humidity, alerting you if conditions in your home drop below par – handy if you’ve got pets at home in the day.

The excellent news is that Leeo Smart Alert will only set you back $49.99 (£35), but the not-so fab bit is that, like a lot of amazing smart tech, it’s only available in the US at the moment. US customers can go here to buy it.