Your strength training is about to seriously level up with these connected LiftUp resistance bands.

An American company called LiftUp is on a mission to bring smart tech to our gym equipment with its clever connected resistance bands. In LiftUp’s own words, “We’re doing for strength training what Fitbit did for walking”.

Currently vying for funding over on Kickstarter, LiftUp are resistance bands with 3D motion sensors, force sensors, and a Bluetooth transmitter in the handles to capture data while you train, then send it wirelessly to an app on your phone.

During a workout, LiftUp will automatically sync with your phone to give you real-time updates on your strength, reps and calories burned, while customisable modes guide you through different levels of training. According to LiftUp, you can get a full body workout in just 15 minutes by flexing your resistance bands along with one of their tutorials.

If the level of data sounds intimidating, you’ll be pleased to know that LiftUp aren’t just designed for hardcore strength trainers. Beginners will be just as comfortable using them, with plenty of ways to customise your workout to suit your skill level. LiftUp come with interchangeable band strengths ranging from 5lb to 30lb, and you can connect multiple bands to the handles to train with up to 100lb resistance per hand.

Like regular resistance bands, LiftUp can replicate any movement done with dumbbells, barbells and weight machines, meaning buying a pair of your own is like investing in a portable gym. LiftUp also come with a door anchor adaptor to make your home workout more flexible, allowing for lat pulldowns, chest presses and crunches in your doorway.

When it comes to quality, LiftUp certainly won’t disappoint. The wooden handles are crafted from sleek, tough north-American hardwoods, and the bands themselves are made from Spectra – an advanced synthetic fibre that’s stronger than steel.

You can pre-order yourself a LiftUp starter pack from $199 (£141) from Kickstarter, with worldwide shipping set for November this year if the campaign is successful. That pack will get you a pair of smart handles, two smart adaptors, three bands of varying resistance levels, a carrying case and a door anchor.