If your house needs some more noise, this beast is for you.

Lithe Audio is a brand new name in smart audio in the UK, and its Bluetooth ceiling speaker is about to blow your old speaker system out of the water.

A sleek and slimline disc packing crystal clear audio, Lithe Audio’s speaker clings to your ceiling or wall to beam tunes wirelessly from above. Whether you’re streaming from your iPhone, Android device, tablet or a Bluetooth-enabled PC, all it takes is just a single tap to send your playlist heavenwards.

The frameless speaker only protrudes 3mm from whatever surface it’s fixed to, so from below it looks like it’s sitting neatly flush. Plus, because its amplifier and receivers are built into the speaker itself, there’s no extra wiring or gadgets to plug in and control.

Lithe Audio Ceiling SpeakerIn fact, the speaker can be installed in just 20 minute by an engineer – either by plugging in the speaker directly or connecting it to the power via a lighting circuit. After that, you’re free to fire up your favourite music streaming app from anywhere within 10 metres of the speaker.

The real boon with this loudspeaker is that it can go in any room in your house. There’s even an IP44 version that will stand up to steam and splashes in your kitchen or bathroom.

Each speaker comes with a magnetic grill cover, which you can easily remove to clean or swap in with a brand new colour.

You can grab a single Lithe Audio ceiling speaker for £199.99, or snap up a pair of them for £269.99. Head over to Lithe Audio to find out where they’re available to buy near you.