Could this simple Livia wearable kill the pain of your monthly menstrual cramps for good?

Updated: Quick! Livia nailed its funding target on Indiegogo and is taking last-minute pre-orders for October shipping.

Period pains are the worst. They’re so evil that a company in Bristol recently introduced a ‘period policy‘ to give sufferers time off work. But thanks to an Israeli start-up currently racking up funding on Indiegogo for a revolutionary wearable, we could soon be waving goodbye to the monthly heartache and horror of our own ovaries turning against us.

Touting itself as an “off switch for menstrual pain”, Livia is a neat, discreet combination of circuitry and adhesive electrodes that you simply stick where it hurts. When you turn Livia on using its tiny control panel in your pocket, it claims it will instantly close your “pain gates” and completely block the pain from passing to your brain.

LiviaClosing “pain gates” and blocking pain all sounds a bit too good to be true, but actually the idea of pain gate control is a widely discussed modern theory for pain treatment. Essentially, Livia transmits a pulse that keeps your nerves busy, which means your “pain gate” will actually shut and prevent your brain getting the message that stuff hurts.

If Livia works like the heaven-sent angel it makes itself out to be, this could be huge. No more period pain would mean no more popping fast-fading pain relief pills, no stuffing a hot water bottle in your t-shirt at your work and hiding under a massive cardigan, and no more sobbing uncontrollably in the office toilets because it feels like you are literally carrying the child of satan.

The excellent news is that Livia is rapidly closing in on its funding goal with two months still left on its campaign, so there’s a strong likelihood it will go into production as planned. You can pre-order Livia in one of many lovely colours here for just $75 (£53). Livia will ship worldwide in October if it hits its target.