Let’s face it, if ever us mere mortals get to leave our indelible footprints on the face of the moon along with those of the greats, we’re going to want to celebrate.

So it’s good thing that Whisky maker Ballantine’s has just made what’s it’s calling the ‘Space Glass’. At first glance, it’s just a rather stylish tumbler with a pleasing bowl-like shape and gold flourish. On closer inspection, it’s the world’s first fine drinking receptacle that will liven up your party in space. Not for us mere space pop through a straw – no, we’re on the highland malt in a proper zero gravity glass.

Ballantine’s commissioned the Open Space Agency to design the Space Glass, and it’s been tested at the Zero-Gravity Drop Tower in Bremen, Germany to make sure not a jot of whisky will float anywhere except into your mouth.

That gold flourish on the underside of the Space Glass is the key to its success, creating surface tension to hold the whisky inside the glass. A small channel running up the side of the glass directs the drink up to a sipping mouthpiece.

There’s even a magnet in the bottom so you can pop the glass down (or up – your choice, it’s space).

Ballantine's Space GlassWe’re not sure if you’ll be able to get hold of one yourself, but you can rest assured that if space travel becomes imminent for whiskey connoisseurs, it won’t to be a T-total trip.

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