Answer all your foodie questions with this easy-to-use app

With all the latest development in technology, why is it that we still can’t find the perfect recipe for our dinner parties? Either way, we now have the answer to all our recipe needs – meet Restokitch, the foodie app that will have you ditching your recipe books in no time.

Designed to bring customers and chefs together, Restokitch is an app filled with simple and quick recipes from chefs and food bloggers from across the globe. From Indian, to Japanese, to Mexican, no cuisine is left untouched, and it even boasts a variety of features to make it your go-to food inspo.

Love a recipe but don’t think you’ll have time to do it this week? Save it to your wishlist. Have a question about how to make something? Ask the chefs themselves, as the Hotline feature lets you chat with the food experts in real time, getting your answers as you cook.

Restokitch app

For aspiring chefs and food bloggers, Restokitch’s platform encourages them to build up an identity online, showcasing their talent to the app community and engaging with foodies to up their online trust score. The more they’re trusted, the more their profile will be followed, growing reputation worldwide.

So if you’re looking to ditch your recipe books this spring cleaning (or to grow your business), why not give Restokitch a whirl. It’s available for free download on Google Play.