Say goodbye to seasonal blues and enjoy wall-to-wall natural sunlight all year round with Lucy.

If you’re constantly repositioning the lamps in your house to try and get more light in those dark and dingy corners, Lucy is your light at the end of the tunnel.

A circular mirror housed in a transparent orb, Lucy is like a miniature sun inside your home. Place Lucy anywhere where she can easily catch the sunlight, and she will intelligently follow it throughout the day, directing its rays onto the same spot in your room to create a radiant glow where before there was darkness.

Lucy owes her sun-worshipping abilities to an algorithm based on smartly positioned photosensors. These constantly catch the optimum amount of rays, and direct them via a carefully positioned pointer.

She uses solar power (of course), so she wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep at night without needing to be switched on and off. She’s portable too, meaning you can place her anywhere to enjoy her illuminating talents.

Lucy smart mirrorYou can even pop her in the garden and direct the pointer into your window to let the sun flood in, or simply use her inside to enhance the light you already get. She’s perfect for houses with small or awkwardly placed windows, or just anyone craving a little extra vitamin D.

And that’s going to be one hefty dose of Vitamin D too, because Lucy can emit 7000 lumens of light, which is a whopping 2000 more than the average room actually needs. You’re going to be practically drowning in sunshine, which is probably the most heavenly thing you’ve heard all day.

Lucy had something of a shaky beginning, with a Kickstarter campaign that didn’t quite manage to make it off the ground, but we’re delighted to hear she’s hitting Indiegogo this summer for a second chance. You can sign up here to get 50% off the retail price before she hits the shops at full price.