Remember that teacher who always told you to sit up straight? It's exactly that - except in a wearable, and without the shouty voice.

Unless we all walk round with a copy of Encyclopaedia Britannica on our heads, it’s impossible to maintain the perfect posture all day long. If you’re sick of that dull ache in your back from your unbecoming slouch, you might be pleased to meet Lumo Lift.

Equipped with smart sensors to detect your posture, this tiny wearable clamps onto your top using a strong magnet to track the position of your body all day long. If it detects a slouch, it gently vibrates to remind you to sit up straight.

Of course, what’s a comfortable position for one person isn’t necessarily right for another, so Lumo Lift has a function for carefully aligning itself to your unique stance. Just stand or sit in the upright position that’s most comfortable for you, tap Lumo Lift twice, and it will automatically remember your perfect posture so it can tailor its alerts accordingly.

Lumo Lift appAs well as giving you a happy spine, Lumo Lift also dabbles in a touch of activity tracking. It can track your steps, distance travelled and calories burned and crunch all your data in its app (iOS and Android).

The great thing about Lumo Lift is that it’s completely unobtrusive, and so tiny it’s practically microscopic. In fact, the main module actually hides inside your top, so it’s only the mini magnet that anyone can see.

It’s a pretty little thing too, so it just looks like a tiny brooch or embellishment. If you’d rather keep things completely discreet, you can also fix Lumo Lift to your bra strap with the magnetic bra clasp.

You can grab Lumo Lift for $79.99 (£56) here.