The company behind Lumo Lift have their eyes on your running technique, with Lumo Run.

Lumo Bodytech have brought a whole new digital gym to your pocket. Lumo Run does more than count your steps and measure your distance – it can make you run in a whole new way.

After helping all of up work on our strength training technique with Lumo Lift, they’re now turning their attention to how we run. The Lumo Run sensor clips onto the back of your running pants, measuring your running cadence and helping you improve it.


Once you’ve set up a profile on the Lumo Run app, and done a ten minute test run, the apps personal trainer AI will guide you as you go, giving you tips to change your cadence and stride, to get the most out of your run. The improvements to your gait can increase your speed, and help you prevent injuries.

This is a device that is solely focussed on your technique. Lumo Run measures your steps per minute, your braking, bounce, and hip movement. You can track it in real time if that’s your thing, you if you prefer to leave your phone at home when you run, sync it and analyse later.

This one is not a weight loss guide, and it does not measure your calories burnt – it’s simply about making you the best runner you can be, with no further agenda. If your goals are performance, rather than results based, this is the tool for you.