Make your indoor plants the coolest.

There’s no arguing: making things float in the air as if by magic is great. And the magic has come to your indoor plants, thank to Flyte’s new planter, Lyfe.

Flyte have been making levitation lamps for a while, and now they’re branching out into planters. Lyfe floats over an oak base, slowly revolving in mid air. The rotation ensures that your plant gets the full 360 degrees worth of air and sunlight, ensuring that it grows to be as healthy as possible.


The technology is particularly effective for air plants, which breathe in nutrients from the air around them, and do not require soil in order to grow. The microclimate around the rotating plant creates a nurturing environment. The magnetic levitation system works to strengthen the plant’s metabolism.

The system maximises the amount of light that the plant receives, making sure that even in winter, when sunlight is at a premium, it grows as well as it can. And if you’re worried about how much you should be watering it, there’s no need – the internal drainage system diverts excess water into a hidden reservoir.

Currently the Lyfe planter is available in one design, and can be ordered directly from Flyte’s online store.