Pebble Time's new customisable watch faces will display your health stats in a fun new way.

Pebble has just given us one more solid reason to head out the shops and snap up its chunky little smartwatch monkey, Pebble Time. Along with some neat new messaging tricks, all Pebble Time owners will be able to load customised Pebble Health-enabled watch faces to their smart wrist-kit.

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For anyone not in the know, Pebble Health is an activity tracking app that logs all kinds of stats like sleep, steps, distance, and active minutes while your watch ticks away on your wrist. Until now, it’s been buried behind the watch’s other brilliant smart watch features, but the new roll-out will see all of those handy health stats displayed alongside the time on a lovely custom watch face.

And it’s that custom part that’s got us excited. Pebble Time wearers with a bit of patience will be able to toggle Pebble Health’s API to have third-party apps and watch faces show all of your stats in whatever configuration suits you best. Daily step count to the right of number 9, for instance, or distance travelled above the 6, and so on. Nice little trick, eh?

Pebble has also tweaked that battery warning percentage to be a little more helpful. Currently, it tells you what percentage of battery life your watch has got left, but it’ll now tell you how much wrist time your watch has got left before it conks out, which is pretty much the ultimate dream for any smart watch wearer – aside from the ability to shoot webs at walls.

As well as a brand new look, Pebble Time will also give iPhone users the ability to send preset replies to texts. Android users already have this luxury, but they get a share of the feature fun with automatic voice replies, messages, or emojis when they can’t answer a call. Nothing like a passive-aggressive poo with a smiley face to let your in-laws know you don’t want to talk…

All existing Pebble Time owners have to do to feast on the new feature fest is update their Pebble Time app to the latest version, which is 3.9 for Android users, 3.6 for iOS. Then, just update your smartwatch to Pebble’s firmware version 3.9. And enjoy!