You don't even have to remember a key code to access it.

Want to keep your shed, locker, bike or garden gate safely locked without having to remember another password or combination? Grab this Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock and enjoy key and code-free access to your things.

Your Master Lock connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and knows you’re near as soon as you’re in range. Rather than having to pull out a key or scratch your head over that uncrackable password you wish you hadn’t set, all you have to do is quickly tap the padlock a couple of times to unlock it.

Of course, this is infinitely useful if you’ve got your phone to hand, but what if you don’t, or your phone’s out of battery? No worries – Master Lock has a backup. Its touch screen doubles as a directional code keypad for emergency access.

Master Lock Bluetooth padlockOne of the biggest worries about having something under lock and key – especially if it’s somewhere like your garage or your garden shed – is that someone will try and break into it. But Master Lock has that covered too. It will issue a tamper alert to the eLock app on your phone as soon as it detects someone fiddling with it who shouldn’t, and lets you view an access history of all the time’s Master Lock was unlocked.

If for any reason you do need to let someone else access your locked up stuff, the eLock app lets you share temporary or permanent access to friends and family. Perfect if your neighbour wants to borrow your electric drill from your shed, or if your mum needs to get through your Master Locked garden gate to water the plants while you’re on holiday.

Just in case Master Lock is doing its job so well that you don’t here a peep from it, it will send an alert to your phone when its batteries are running low.

The lock is available either for indoor or outdoor use. The indoor model is up for grabs on Amazon for £58, while the outdoor model is a tad pricier at £74.