No more counting on your fingers to remember the 9th character of your obscure password.

Mastercard has announced it’s bringing Selfie Pay to the UK, which will see us Brits confirming our identity for purchases online simply by smiling into our phone cameras.

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The new selfie-snapping verification will be an optional replacement for the usual pin codes, and passwords that we usually use to confirm it’s us clicking the button, not an imposter. You’ll often get one of these SecureCode prompts when you’re paying for something from an online shop.

Selfie Pay works by creating an intricate digital map of your face, which you’ll be asked to pose for one you’ve installed the MasterCard app on your phone. It’ll be just like taking a normal selfie, except MasterCard will create a digitised map of your face rather than a life-like photo, which it’ll then keep on its servers.

After that, every time you go to make a payment on your phone, you’ll be asked to look at your phone’s camera so the app can check it’s you. It will also tell you to blink, which is an extra security measure to make sure it’s definitely the real you gazing at the lens, not just someone holding up a life-size photo of your face.

According to the Financial Times, MasterCard has already trialled Selfie Pay in the US and Netherlands, and plans to bring the tech to Britain by Summer 2016.