You probably won't quite believe your eyes

If there’s one thing we never knew we wanted, it would be a toaster that charges your phone. But thanks to Foaster, we now see the error of our ways.


The idea is that you will be so tired of the messy charging cables that seem to endlessly pile up around your home – so far so good – and the outlets being taken over by all your chargers – yep, still with you – you will want a… toaster.

Foaster claims to be that simple and sleek solution that gets rid of all that charging clutter, keeping the house clean and tidy.

The result? A space-saving charging dock made to look like your everyday toaster, but instead of slots to toast your bread, there are up to four slots to charge your phones and tablets. Two main slots on the top, and when you push Foaster’s knob down, two side panels for additional devices.

Foaster 3

With its minimalist design and built-in power supply, you only need a single wall outlet to charge four devices – freeing up your workspace and getting rid of all those pesky USB cables. And unlike a toaster, you don’t have to push your phone deep into the Foaster. You simply slot it in, and enough of your device’s screen is still on display to let you know if you have any incoming messages.

So if you like your chargers quirky and whimsical, Foaster seems like a fair bet to add a bit of fun into the home. And it is compatible with Apple and Samsung devices – its website gives a full rundown.


By the way, it doesn’t really toast anything.

Visit its website for more details.