Calling all e-readers, the new Kindle has leaked and it is a doozy.

Updated: the Kindle Oasis is now confirmed and has been launched by Amazon. Read this preview from our colleagues on Trusted Reviews

According to Tmall – a Chinese-language retail website – images of Kindle’s latest e-reader, the Kindle Oasis has been released before its official announcement by Amazon. And judging by the photos, there is a lot to process.

Firstly, the new Kindle Oasis appears to be smaller and lighter than previous designs, with a bump below the buttons making it more comfortable to be held one-handed – finally giving you the freedom to do two things at once.

Kindle Oasis

The new Kindle – side on


The Oasis also features a 300ppi screen, making the sharpness of the text as high as previous Kindles, while the backlighting of the screen has been increased by 60%, to allow for better reading in the dark. So, no longer will you have to compromise on the light at home to finish the latest John Grisham novel.

But if all that design talk doesn’t impress you, get a load of this: the Kindle Oasis’ rechargeable battery case boasts 20 months of standby time – that’s 600 days of pure unadulterated reading. The case attaches to the Oasis with magnets, and comes in three colours – all of them genuine leather, of course – with Amazon explaining that charging your Kindle with the case attached lets both batteries be charged, giving you a ‘dual-battery system’ if you will. Thus, when the Kindle is unplugged, it will use the case’s battery before using up its own.

Ah technology, how we love thee.

Kindle Oasis


So if you were looking for a great birthday present for your voracious reader friends, or just looking to treat yourself, this is looking good to be on the list. To be perfectly honest though, there’s still a lot we don’t know, such as price and launch date (it was a leak after all). We’re still waiting on that waterproof Kindle though…