No more umbrella forgetfulness. Enter Oombrella: the brolly that'll also tell you when it's about to rain

Updated: It’s happened to the best of us, and whether it’s your favourite umbrella or just a rickety old thing you found in the back of the closest, it’s no less of a heartbreaking moment. You’re still going to get absolutely soaked.

But Oombrella aims to banish the forgotten umbrella blues for good. Oombrella connects to an app on your smartphone to send you a ‘forget me not’ alert if you ever part from it it, meaning you quickly stroll on back to where you left your precious cargo and retrieve it before it’s too late.

As well as making sure you never lose it, Oombrella also collects handy hyperlocal weather data and real-time severe weather alerts, giving you a heads-up if you’re going to need to brolly up. And it has a screw on the top for a GoPro for the really weather-committed – so you really won’t to leave it on the Tube by accident.

Oombrella has launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter and is is closing in on its $59,000 funding goal with two weeks to go.

There’s already a hint on Oombrella’s Twitter page that the smart brolly could change colour with the weather, which would be pretty awesome. In the meantime, you can read all the latest Oombrella news at