Meet the Spider-Man of iPhone cases.

These days, a good iPhone case is just as important as the precious cargo inside it. And if you want to grab yourself the ultimate protector for your beloved iThing, you can’t get much more cutting edge than Megaverse.

An Indiegogo sensation that’s about to wrap up its successful funding campaign and start shipping to backers, Megaverse is basically the Spider-Man of the iPhone case world. Loaded with millions of tiny suction cups that are practically invisible to the human eye, Megaverse can cling to almost any surface, and transforms into all sorts of handy tools.

And why would you want your iPhone to stick to stuff? Why the hell not is probably the more pertinent question. Imagine being able to slap your phone onto a window to snap a selfie or Skype friends, pop it on your computer screen to film a vlog, on the wall of the gym to record your workout, or even on your kitchen cabinet for elevating your recipes. That little Spider-Man talent is going to be infinitely handy for all manner of iPhone larks.

Clinging to stuff like a Spider-Phone isn’t all it’s good for, though. Megaverse has a detachable backplate, which you can replace with premium ones for added functionality. Just pop off the clingy nano-suction backplate to kit it out with a shatter-proof mirror backplate instead, or a leather wallet – or even a bottle opener.

megaverse-mirrorAnd for the times when you’re just bored of your iPhone case, Megaverse comes equipped with four colour backplates to protect the nano-suction case when you’re not using it. Gold, rose gold, grey and black are your colours of choice for now.

Of course, it’s not all about the fun. Your iPhone needs some protection too, and Megaverse definitely comes up trumps in that department. It has slightly raised edges to protect your screen, is compatible with screen protectors, has grip-friendly TPU edges for impact protection, and that nano-suction tech doubles as a shock absorber. Perfect for clumsy phone wielders.

megaverse-nano-suctionMegaverse is compatible with iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus, and 7 and 7 Plus. You can pre-order it now from Indiegogo. Prices start at $24 (around £18) for the Megaverse case alone, but you pay a little more to get a premium backplate bundled in.

Don’t have an iPhone? You can still turn your phone into a Spider-Phone. There’s a Megaverse Space suction pad up for grabs on the Indiegogo campaign, which equips any phone with nano-suction tech for freestyle clinging. It’s just $12 (around £9).