Because staying awake all day is just unreasonable.

It can be difficult to get through an average work day sometimes. Unfortunately, most work places don’t supply a suitable place to nap. MetroNaps are bringing you the EnergyPad – designed to give you micro-naps whenever you need them, so you can keep your energy up throughout the day.MetroNaps

Specially contoured to zero gravity position, the pod elevates your feet and takes pressure off your spine, to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. It encloses you in a sphere, to maintain your privacy while you nap, and plays specially composed sleep music you get you as rested as possible.

MetroNaps have programmed the EnergyPod with a preset sleep cycle of twenty minutes – or you can customise your own nap. You can choose to have music playing through the built in speaker, or your own headphones. The pod wakes you up gently, using a combination of vibrations, music, and lights.


Being caught snoozing on the job is still considered not entirely professional, and MetroNaps want to change that perception. They claim that short naps during the day help boost focus and productivity, while also improving your mood and creativity.

Now you just have to talk your boss into getting one, and let the naptime start.