Can't decide which of your favourite paintings to hang above the fireplace? Meural lets you change it up every day.

If your taste in interior design changes like the weather, you’ll love Meural. A connected wall canvas that you can control with a phone app and intuitive hand gestures, Meural lets you change the art on your wall with a quick flick of the wrist whenever the mood strikes.

Although Meural is powered by a high-definition IPS display, you’d never guess it was a screen. It can display masterpieces in over 16 million colours, meaning you can see every dab and stroke of the brush behind your work of art.

Thanks to the screen’s matte finish and low reflectivity, it also looks just like a real canvas, and will even adjust its display according to the light in the room to keep your paintings looking natural.

Meural paintings

The Meural digital art gallery covers all the greats from renaissance, cubism, landscape art and more.

Adding new art to Meural is really easy. Just choose from the vast collection of prints and photography in the Meural Dashboard on your phone, or even upload your own photography and art to see it blown up in all its intended glory.

If you don’t have your phone to hand, you can also change your art using gesture control. Just wave your hand a few inches from the frame to scroll through the art in your own personal collection.

Meural gestures

Meural comes framed in one of three rather lovely soft maple wood frame designs, and is also environmentally friendly, guzzling less energy than a common lightbulb. You can buy it here in black or white or for $595 (around £490). There’s also a pricier version that comes in a lightbox frame.