Holograms are coming.

Microsoft have begun shipping their mixed reality lenses to developers, and what that means for you is: holograms are on the way. Hololens aims to expand the way we experience everything computer-based, from engineering, to storytelling.

Unlike virtual reality headsets, Hololens adds its features into the world around you – projecting images you can interact with and control, using gestures, voices control, and even your eyes. The implications are wide-spread, and pretty exciting. If you were disappointed by hoverboards that turned out to have wheels, this may be the future you’re looking for.


Designers and engineers will be able to build virtual models and see how they really fit in the real world around them. Video chat via Skype will bring you even closer – with callers able to place holograms in the space in front of each other.

In addition, Microsoft has partnered with Legendary, to bring film characters – whether CGI or live-action – right off the screen and into the room. And then there are games.

Currently, Microsoft has made Hololens available to developers in the US and Canada, which means that even now, as we speak, exciting new products, games and apps are being made ready. There’s no news yet on when it will be commercially available, so for now, we’ll have to keep closing our eyes and dreaming.

But at least we have time to sort out suitable costumes, for sending messages worthy of hologram technology.


With virtual reality, augmented reality, and now mixed reality, pretty soon we won’t have to live in the real world at all.