MINI has unveiled the future of the dinky Cooper, and it turns out it's see-through.

MINI is giving us a glimpse into the future of its vehicles with a concept car it’s calling the Mini Vision Next 100, and there’s barely a trace of the familiar MINI features we all know and love. Actually, there’s barely a trace of much, given the concept car is practically transparent.

With a translucent plastic outer layer, the car is rocking that exposed engine look, and while that’s a firm departure from the traditional MINI Cooper look and feel, it’s a pretty cool effect. It even displays changing graphics while you drive, which is pretty flashy…

Mini Vision Next 100 2Also, imagine this happening when you walk up to your car:

Mini Vision Next 100The personalisation doesn’t stop when you enter the car, though. The dashboard will display personalised messages, with a light-based interactive control interface for controlling speed, climate and all kinds of other features much more easily.

Obviously, we’re just talking about a concept car here, and there’s certainly no word on when or if MINI plans to make its bubble on wheels a reality.

Want to step inside the concept car? Check out this vid: