A good friend will tell you for free. Just saying.

Always worried you’ve got bad breath? Don’t trust the old “lick the back of your hand and sniff” test? Maybe you should get this Mint breathometer.

For just £80 of your hard-earned money, Mint will tell you if your breath is chronic via an app on your phone in a matter of seconds. Just stick the mouthpiece in your mouth, take a deep breath, breathe out, and let the app do the judging.

Mint’s clever breath analysis skills are down to a highly sophisticated array of sensors that detect the signs that harmful bacteria leave behind. By measuring VSCs, which are related to gum disease, bad breath and the concentration of anaerobic bacteria in your gob, Mint can let you know exactly how your oral health is doing in a single breath.

Mint with gadgetsWhen Mint has analysed your breath, it feeds all of your personal data to the app in handy graphs and stats. The app will provide oral hygiene tips tailored to your results, along with information like how your diet is affecting your oral health, and even what to expect at your next visit to the dentist.

You can track your personal score, set oral health goals and generally just track your breath’s trends using the app. Unlike other connected health apps, however, there doesn’t seem to be an option to share your breath data with your friends and family. Probably for the best.

Because Mint is portable, discreet and wireless, you can pretty much take it with you anywhere and whip it out whenever you need a reliable sniff test and your best, most honest friend isn’t available.

Coming round to the idea of a personal breath sniffer? You can buy Mint here.