Track your baby's feeds and help them drink at the pace that nature intended with this Mivo smart feeding bottle.

One of the biggest hurdles for parents of newborns can be the trial and error of getting feeds just right. Factors like how frequently their baby should feed, what size teat their bottle needs, how fast they should be drinking, and even how best to hold the bottle all come into play. That’s a lot to get your head round even if you’re not a first-time parent.

Thankfully, Mivo is a smart feeding bottle that wants to allay every single one of those fears and help your baby achieve a healthy feeding routine. Mivo is made up of 3 dishwasher-safe parts – a cap, nipple, and body. The design of the bottle eliminates hydrostatic and vacuum pressures, which, Mivo claims, gives your baby complete control of feeding pace just as nature intended. Meanwhile, a module inside the body of the bottle uses smart sensors and baby-safe Bluetooth to track the feed.

From the maximum and average pace of your baby’s feeds to the amount they drink and the intervals between feeds, Mivo captures all of the important stats minute by minute. Important insights into your baby’s feeding routine are then beamed to an app on your iPhone, Pad, or Pod. Here, you can view your baby’s feeding history including their nutrition levels and feeding stats, or even see a tracking chart that shows your baby’s strength, stamina and feeding performance.

With this feed-by-feed information, Mivo hopes to help you understand how best to feed your baby, and even highlight early warning signs of potential issues. Although Mivo isn’t a tool for diagnosing problems, the data it collects could be useful for medical professionals like health visitors and midwives for determining feeding problems.

Obviously, you won’t always have your device to hand while you’re feeding you baby, so Mivo has integrated LED lights to let you know the pace of the feed as it is taking place. A soft pulsing light will let you know if sucking or facial movements actually reflect feeding, while a rapid flash indicates that the bottle isn’t held in the right position. With Mivo, the bottle must be held so that the milk is level with your baby’s lips.

The sensor module will last for around 3 months on a single battery, and has an automatic power on and off feature to conserve energy. To replace the battery, you just need to pop out the module like you would when sterilising the bottle.

Mivo is currently only compatible with iOS devices, but should work with Android devices later in 2016. It’s set for an April launch, and you can sign up here to be one of the first to snap up an early bird offer.