Send your to-do lists, doodles and important notes from paper to your phone.

If you’re a serial list writer, doodler, note-taker, or spur-of-the-moment idea jotter, the Moleskine Smart Writing Set is about to fly to the top of your wish list.

Just like your average stationery kit, the Moleskine Smart Writing Set contains paper notebook for all of your scribblings, a skinny aluminium pen, and ink refills to keep the ideas freely flowing.

However, because this is no average stationery kit, there’s also a mobile app and a USB cable for charging your pen. Yep, your pen needs charging.

Moleskine Smart Writing SetThat’s because this particular pen is a Moleskine Pen+, a smart scribbler with an hidden camera that can trace and digitise every single stroke you make. The seemingly standard Moleskine notebook is also a Paper Tablet, secretly embedded with NCode technology in every page.

Combined with the smart pen’s spying eye, the Paper Tablet can recognise where the pen is in the notebook and transfer all of your freehand notes from page to screen in real time.

After your notes have magically appeared on your smartphone, you can edit, share and organise them however you like. The possibilities are almost endless, with the ability to jot down a to-do list, send it to your tablet, and edit each item from your phone as your complete them. You could even create a PDF to send to colleagues or share your notes as an image, vector or text file.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set 2You can also edit your notes with colours to highlight key ideas or mistakes, use tags to organise your thoughts, or sync the notebook with Google Drive and Evernote clouds to make sure all of your doodles and notes get digitised. If you have simply too much creativity to express in mere pen and ink, you can even pair your handwritten notes with real-time audio recordings and then replay your synced notes straight through the app

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set is £199.99 from Moleskine. If you haven’t already bought anything from the online shop, you can enjoy 10% off first order.10