Because you don't need Bluetooth to be smart tech.

Whether because of a blackout or budding romance, candles are useful and pleasant. They are also a massive fire risk. Well, Norwegian designer, Lars Beller Fjetland, wants to keep you fire-free – and stylish – with the Moment self extinguishing candlestick.

Sure, it doesn’t include any circuitry, it can’t connect to your phone, and there is no related app but this is one piece of smart tech. And like the best smart tech, it’s the simplicity that makes it great.

A pendulum rests against the candle as it burns, and as the wax melts lower, it releases a cap that snuffs out the flame. It’s not an entirely original idea – the inspiration came from candle extinguishers from the 19th Century, but it’s certainly one that is nice to have back again.


The candlestick is cast iron, making it a more than sturdy base for a candle, and giving things a nice old-timey feel. While it would be nice if the mechanism were adjustable, for custom candle-burning time, it’s still an excellent idea. And let’s be honest – it’s always fun to have something extra to look forward to in the Mark II version.

There’s no question – Moment is definitely going to up our candle game, not least because there’s a fun competition to be had in predicting the candle’s moment of doom.