Keep your things safe, organised, and charged in one spot.

We’re getting to the point now when we are more device than people, and devices need to be charged. We have phones and watches and tablets, and thanks to the iPhone 7, the headphones we use with those things need to be charged too. The Mophie power capsule is the perfect solution.

A small, protective case with a built in USB charge point, the Mophie power capsule stores your headphones, or fitness tracker, or other miscellaneous wearables safely and securely in your bag, while giving them the power they need.

  • Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO is your iPhone’s overprotective bodyguard

Unlike other portable power banks, the power capsule let’s you charge your devices while its plugged in – the device will take priority, with the case charging second.

  • Philips Power Potion restores your dying iPhone to full battery

It holds 60 hours worth of power for your wireless headphones, and 55 days for your fitness tracker –  and in a pinch it can give a few hours of power to your phone.

The power capsule is available now, along with your choice of cables to support your specific range of devices.