You read that right - let a robot cook you dinner.

We’ve all been dreaming of having a robot butler for years now, and Moley Robotic’s are filling out the household with the world’s first robotic kitchen.

The system is a built in component of a full designer kitchen – so maybe wait until you’re out of the rental property before picking one up. A pair of robotic arms, descend from the ceiling, cooking your dinner from a library of recipes.


Thanks to motion capture work, the arms mimic the movements of BBC Master Chef’s Tim Anderson – giving them the speed and nuance of a real, well, master chef.

Moley Robotics premiered the prototype to wide acclaim at the Hanover Messe robotics show, and the commercial version is being prepared for a 2017 release. The system includes an oven and hob, a touch screen control panel, and of course, the fully articulated robot arms.


It can be controlled from a smart phone as well as the touchscreen panel, and when not in use, the arms retract, and are hidden from view.

The system can cook from an iTunes-style recipe database, with an every-growing selection of meals from around the world. You can let it know what you want each day, and arrive home from work to a restaurant-quality meal.

Hopefully a robot butler is next on Moley’s list.